Merry Keller Music

Performance Salon

  • Music Salon evenings are opportunities for Merry Keller's students to perform material they have been working on in weekly lessons in a casual setting before an audience of their peers. It is an opportunity to practice and develop skills that will be needed as they prepare to perform in more public settings.

    The music evenings are like a relaxed and informal master class and are generally scheduled every other month on a Friday or Sunday evening. All students are invited to attend and may choose to perform or simply be present to listen and observe.

    Performers & Guests at the October Salon

  • "Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought."

    —E.Y. Harburg


    Elaine S. performing for the group

Audio Clips: Performance Salon, 10/12/07

Below are sample clips from the live recording of the most recent Performance Salon. Students are performing and responding to direction and instruction from Merry Keller. Charles Collins accompanies the singers.

At Last, B Becherer

Evening Prayer, R Breig & B Derton

My Blanket, D Bextermueller