Merry Keller Music

Piano Instruction

  • The piano is the most universal instrument. Studying piano is an excellent way of learning the basics of music reading and performance for music students of any age.

    Teaching Method

    Each student is unique, and private lessons are tailored to meet individual interests and goals. Beginning students will be introduced to correct technique that includes sitting correctly, and holding hands, arms, wrists and fingers in a relaxed and easy postion. A comprehensive method book is chosen for each student that addresses their individual needs, and is often supplemented with scales, keyboard exercises and other music that inspires and motivates the learner.

    What to Expect

    Learning to play the piano should be a captivating and engaging process. The beginning piano student can expect to learn pieces of music quickly, incorporating many aspects of music training in the process. As the student progresses, she/he can expect to spend more time on each new piece, gradually expanding their techical and musical abilities. Learning to play the piano develops physical coordination as well as visual, aural and timing skills.

    Practice time, especially for adults, can be relaxing, meditative, and a great way to end a hectic and busy day.

  • "Music is not just learning notes and playing them. You learn notes to play to the music of your soul."

    —Katie Greenwood


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