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Engage Merry

Engage Merry Keller, an accomplished performer, whose voice can move you to tears or laughter.

Below are samples of some of Merry's repertoire.

Classical Repertoire

Singe Seele by Handel

Come and Trip It

Parties and Special Events

Someone Like You

Moon River

Count Your Blessings

Wedding Ceremonies

The Wedding Song

Ave Maria

The Prayer

Ose Shalom

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everytwhere are the same in heart and spirit.”

—Unknown Author


Performance Fees

Wedding Singer
$150 for the service and rehearsal
Wedding Singer and Pianist
$250 for the service and rehearsal
Funeral or Memorial Service
$100 for the service
Private Party or Special Event
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Book Merry Keller

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Merry Keller Music
8245 Tulane Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63132